Sunday, 4 December 2011

i'm really S.I.CK of dis all!!

im s0 d0wn rght n0w..
bley bygkn x mke aq cm ane??
alm0st same mcm kucing kt ats tuh>,<
<<s0k mlm EXAM,tp aryney bru bce bku>>
style kn??
yahh,,dats STUDENT'S LIFE anywy..
tp aq nk capai trget dis sem!
lau attitude aq still cm ney,,
s0 h0w??
sndiri jawab r kn..umm..
t0day-really wanna cry~need s0mebdy act~~
tp,,try t0 bear wit it..
and try n0t t0 be WEAK!!
kn0w ney STUDY HARD t0 sc0re 4 tm0r0w night^^
gve my best sh0t huh~~
ble aq stress,,nk tau aq ingt sape??
dats make me feel m0re better..
aq bkn stakat nk PASS EXAM je..
but make s0me flying c0lours!!
i h0pe i can make it..
really h0pe dat^^

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